Om mig

Painting watercolours has become a means for me to express my feelings about the world around me and I´ve developed a style of my own which has evolved and changed considerably since 2006 when I began this exciting experiment with water, pigment and paper.

I´m fascinated and passionate about the creative process which may be planned from the start but then pigment and water decide what the outcome will be. Sometimes I don´t draw at all before I grasp my brush filled with pigment and water and set about creating a painting – and then time stands still. My fascination for this medium is ongoing and the chance of an unexpected result is exciting to look forward to. This wonderful passion is an important part of my world. I call my paintings “Watercolour Impressions”.

Since 2006 I´ve taken part in many exhibitions in Sweden and I am represented  in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia. Here I feel I must mention my mentors Bengt Ågren from Kalmar, Sweden and Nadia Tognazzo a highly successful watercolourist living in Milan, Italy.